stop paying the SaaS tax

Stop paying the per-minute or per-message costs that saddle SaaS based transcription services. Utilize your existing infrastructure to leverage the security of your onsite, private cloud, or cloud setup.

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Built for phone calls and voicemail

Let Transcription Stream show you how to automatically QA 100% of your agents calls while removing the burden from your QA team. Turn call center voicemail into a joyous multiuser shared experience with full search and automation. Identify and transcribe individual speakers from your recorded calls and get customized automated summaries!

Your workflow - simple to advanced

Email, drop zones, custom calls - you decide how you want to integrate into your workflow. Integrate directly with your call recording solution or phone system.

Your data, where you want it

Keep your data where you want it, how you want it. On-prem or off. It’s yours. You decide.

Do more with Transcription Stream

See why Transcription Stream is used in over 30 hospital and healthcare system contact centers

  • Transcription

    Full text transcription of each and every call

  • Diarization

    Transcriptions are segmented and labelled by speaker

  • Summarization

    Summaries are generated for each call with an overall outcome and general summary

  • Sentiment Anaysis

    Tone, demeanor, and sentiment are captured and provided for agents and callers

  • Scoring

    A comprehensive score is given to the agent and caller with both a value and explanation

  • Filtering

    Dynamic filters based on your search results for date, agent, extension, caller name, and caller number

  • Redaction

    Optional automated redaction of both audio and text based on your criteria

  • Audio Player

    In-line audio player with speed control and file download

  • Customization

    We're happy to accomodate any feature you might need

Try Transcription Stream

Visit our github repo for a fully functional community version of the product. It provides full transcription, diarization, summary, and our basic ts-web interface. Contact us for advanced search, filtering, sentiment analysis, scoring, redaction, and our ts-calls interface.

Reach out for a solution designed by us for you.